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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

SANCH, Pune is working effectively in various fields of persons with Disabilities & Senior citizens. We are conteneously making research on the solutions of problems with Person with Disabilities, their parents & Senior citizens. We are solving such problems with the help of Government, NGO's, parents & well wishers.

Our main objective is to focus on Social, Economical & Educational development of such weaker section of society. For this we are talking the help of Docotrs, Psychiatrists & Social workers in the society.

We are trying to promote persons with Disabilities to become financially independent by running Skill Developement workshop namely "Aapulaki".

We also providing conselling facility for parents of persons with Disabilities (P.W.D) which will develope their confedence, they will get knowledge about how to deal with PWDs, how to take proper & scientistific cave, how to encourage their arts & skills.

Due to PWDs the whole family is under mental stress, they face several probelms in day to day life. 'SANCH' helps these families to overcome. Its very critical to take care of these PWDs having intellectual disabilities & cerebral palsy children in family, as their physical age, grow to overcome from this problem 'SUNCH' runs 'Day care centre'. In this centre wwll trained staff is available to take care with love.


In this centre we are concentrating on all around development of inmates. 

  1. Separate syllabus for each student as per his IQ & learning capacity.

  2. To develope the habit of day to day work.

  3. To develope hidden skills.

  4. To develope the habits of integrating in society.

  5. Teaching financial transactions through visits in markets.

  6. Developing the knowledge about behaving with relatives & friends.

  7. Councelling & training to parents.

We are running ' GOKULDHAM VRUDDHASHRAM 'at Alandi Pune, Having Capacity upto 40 senior citizens. We also have 7 private rooms available for paid senior citizens.


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Rakesh Lalchand Mehta



Prachi Shobhit Gaikwad


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Sanjay Ganpat Patil

Vice President


Akshay Vijay Gawali

Executive Director

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Krishna Sanjay Kadam


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